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Board of Advisors

Meet the Team


Martha Dorris

President of PSLA

Martha is the founder of Dorris Consulting International (DCI).  DCI works with governments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government both internally and through the improved delivery of a citizen experience. Martha is leveraging her knowledge of government and network of citizen services to improve people, processes and technology and therefore improve the delivery of service to the public. During her 34 years in government, she worked primarily in the areas of information technology acquisition, digital service delivery,
intergovernmental solutions and citizen or customer experience.


Prior to retiring, Martha spent six months as the Director of the Office of Strategic Programs (OSP) within GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service/Information Technology Service (ITS) to bring an outside perspective on the implementation of category management within ITS, organize the organization around category management and bring a customer focus to the organization and oversaw programs and products such as GWACs, Cyber Security, and Cloud Solutions.

For the previous 12 years, Martha led both the Office of Citizen Services and the Office of Innovative Technologies. The goal was to transform government to a 21st century digital government – allowing the public to access government services and information anytime, anywhere, on any device. In both roles, she oversaw the creation and operation of OCSIT’s shared solutions to drive innovation and open data, improve efficiency and create a digital government. These platforms, communities and other products provided agencies with the needed solutions and information to transform their organization. For many years, Martha was responsible for the platforms and services providing direct service to the public in English and Spanish through the web, phone, chat, email, and social media.

Martha’s passion was and continues to be improving the citizen experience by leveraging the unique central, government-wide position she held at GSA. Ms. Dorris has been active in the IT community for decades. She has been recognized for her hard work, dedication and leadership in numerous ways. Martha has worked closely with the International Council for IT in Government Administration (ICA) for almost 20 years in different capacities.

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